10 Best US Cities For Remote Workers W/ Monthly Budgets

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The 10 Best US Cities For Remote Workers (+ Budgets)

Remote worker in one of best US cities for digital nomads

10 Best US Cities For Remote Work Ranked:

      1. Chicago
      2. Atlanta
      3. Nashville
      4. Asheville
      5. Denver
      6. Austin
      7. New York City
      8. New Orleans
      9. Salt Lake City
      10. San Diego



Best US Cities For Remote Work: Ranking Criteria

Below we found 10 of the best US cities for remote workers to explore for a 3-6 month stint while they explore the US. We used the following criteria to base our ranks;

1. Number of coworking spaces

Hitting a coworking space a couple times a month is key to making friends and not feeling suffocated by your apartment walls.

2. Access

Access to both outdoors and city life activities, like hiking and concerts.

3. Climate

Not only how good the temperature is, but how many days of sunshine do you get?

4. Cost of living

Without cutting too many corners, how much can you reasonably expect to pay per month, living in a one-bedroom apartment, eating out a couple times per week and catching a couple concerts or shows?

5. Internet

What's a remote worker without wifi? This takes into account the general wifi speed and the how many good cafes and coffee shops there are around the city.

6. Public transportation

Maybe you got there in your car (we know it’s either a Tacoma or an Outback), or maybe you’re just rocking 2 wheels. Getting around the city is crucial, so these cities all have robust and relatively affordable public transportation options for getting around.


1. Chicago


Aerial view of Chicago, one of the best US cities for digital nomads

Chicago Overview

This metropolis, straddling the shimmering shoreline of Lake Michigan, is known for its mighty skyline, world-class museums, and a food scene that offers so much more than just deep-dish pizza. Let me show you why Chicago might just be your next favorite place to work remotely.

Best neighborhoods for remote workers:

  1. Wicker Park
  2. Lakeview
  3. Logan Square

Chicago Coworking Spaces

As of June 2023, there are 18 dedicated coworking spaces, with many, more options for office space rental.

Chicago Fun

Outdoor Activities

With a city situated on a Great Lake, you've got your water sports covered. You can sail, kayak, or even stand-up paddleboard right on Lake Michigan. And that's not all! A mere six-hour drive north brings you to the majestic cliffs and trails of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, where hiking and rock climbing abound.

In the opposite direction, you'll find the Shawnee National Forest, a treasure trove of outdoor fun that offers everything from hiking and horseback riding to hunting and fishing. If you're willing to extend your journey just a touch further, you can even hit the climbing mecca of Red River Gorge, just 6.5 hours outside the city.

You also don’t need to go far. Chicago’s city parks are some of the best in the country. Check out Lincoln Park along the shores of Lake Michigan or Humboldt Park in the heart of the city.

City Life

As for culture and city living, Chicago absolutely has you covered. Between the stunning Art Institute of Chicago, the vibrant music scene, and the scores of theaters big and small (check out the Empty Bottle near Humboldt Park), the city is a cultural powerhouse. Not to mention the city’s bar scene, which makes up the backbone of it’s summer culture.

Summer months are filled with music festivals like Lollapalooza and Pitchfork, while the city’s comedy scene, led by venues like Second City and iO Theater, is a constant draw.

Chicago Overall Remote Work Friendliness

If you're a remote worker, this city just seems to get it. With its burgeoning tech scene, the city is teeming with remote workers. Hotspots for cafes and coworking spaces abound in neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Lakeview.

And to make friends, join one of the many adult sports leagues – softball, kickball, soccer, you name it. Competitiveness ranges from casual to highly competitive, and you’re free to pick which level to join. 

Chicago Climate

Chicago is a city of seasons. Summers are hot and can be humid, while winters, well, they can be challenging. But spring and fall are absolutely delightful. The ideal time to be here? Mid-spring to mid-summer, where you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and the city is alive with festivals and events. On average, the city enjoys about 189 sunny days per year.


Chicago Cost Of Living For Remote Workers

Total monthly budget estimate: $2100 - $4400/month

Housing Budget

Chicago can accommodate various budgets. An average one-bedroom apartment in a trendy neighborhood will set you back around $1,500 to $2,300 a month.

Now, where to live? Short-term housing is plentiful, with serviced apartments, Airbnb options, and even coliving spaces like Quarters or Common in vibrant neighborhoods. These often come with the added benefit of a ready-made community to connect with.

Food Budget

As for food, budget for around $400 a month if you cook at home and $700 - $900 total if you're dining out or ordering in regularly. Remember, this is a city that prides itself on its culinary scene – don't miss out!

Entertainment Budget

Entertainment will depend on your preferences, but set aside around $200-$300 a month to take advantage of what the city has going on. You can expect to pay $10-$15 for cocktails and $6-$8 for a beer while out in Chicago.


Chicago Internet Speed

And, of course, no remote worker can live without reliable internet. You're in luck – the city boasts an average speed of 66 Mbps, and Wi-Fi is widely available in public spaces, coffee shops, and coworking places.

Chicago Public Transportation

Chicago boasts an extensive public transportation system that makes getting around the city both easy and affordable.

The backbone of the city's transit network is the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), which operates both buses and the famed 'L' train system. With eight color-coded lines reaching every corner of the city, the 'L' offers an efficient, scenic route across Chicago.

If you're near the Loop, the heart of the city, you'll find buses and trains around every corner. Traveling to the suburbs? No worries, the Metra commuter rail has got you covered.

A single ride on CTA costs $2.50, while unlimited ride passes range from $5 for a day to $75 for a month. If you're planning on staying for three to six months, the monthly pass is definitely worth considering.

And let's not forget Divvy, Chicago's bike-sharing system. It's an eco-friendly alternative and a fantastic way to see the city when the weather is pleasant. An annual membership is $99, but daily passes are also available for more short-term needs.


2. Atlanta


Skyline of Atlanta, a great city for remote workers

Atlanta Overview

If you've got a taste for adventure, a penchant for culture, and a work ethic that turns coffee shops into office spaces, pack your bags for Atlanta, the jewel of the South. Atlanta is a veritable playground for the remote workers like us, and is a great place to spend 3-6 months.

Best Neighborhoods For Remote Workers

  1. Midtown
  2. Buckhead

Atlanta Coworking Spaces

As of June 2023, there are over 23 coworking spaces in Atlanta.


Atlanta Fun

Outdoor Activities

We’re talking access to outdoors? Atlanta's got that in spades.

You could be bouldering at Boat Rock, just a short jaunt from the city center, or kayaking the mighty Chattahoochee River, which is less than 10 miles from the heart of Atlanta.

Want to stretch your legs a bit further? The Appalachian Trail's southern terminus is just a mere two-hour drive north. Or hit the beaches of the Atlantic or the white sands of the Gulf, both under six hours away.

You could be hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains by lunch, or boating in Lake Oconee by sunset. Not bad, don’t you think?

City Life

In Atlanta, the rhythm is gonna get you. The birthplace of legends like Outkast, the city vibrates with live music. From indie rock at The Earl to symphonies at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, your evenings will never be dull.

Don't forget the Fox Theatre for Broadway-style shows or the Tabernacle for everything from rock to rap.

Jazz fan? You're home. Try the Velvet Note or Cafe 290. More into the blues? Head to Northside Tavern. Maybe hip-hop's more your scene? The trap scene that gave birth to the likes of the A3C Festival will have you covered.

Atlanta Overall Remote Work Friendliness

Atlanta is a city that welcomes the remote work lifestyle with open arms. It's not just about the practicalities like high-speed internet, affordable living, and accessible public transit. It's about the very spirit of the city.

The city offers plenty of co-working spaces, cafes with free WiFi, and a thriving community of remote workers to network and socialize with. You'll find a meetups or events happening nearly every week, allowing you to make connections and find your tribe.

The ease of short-term housing options and co-living spaces makes it even more accommodating for those planning a stay of a few months.

Atlanta Climate

With over 200 sunny days annually, Atlanta boasts a climate that's as welcoming as its people. Sure, it can get hot in the summer, but the mild winters more than make up for it.

If you're looking for an ideal time to visit, consider the fall. Temperatures drop to a pleasant range, and the city becomes a canvas of auburn hues.


Atlanta Cost Of Living

Total monthly budget estimate: $2300 - $4100/mo

Housing Budget

In terms of housing, short-term rentals and co-living spaces in Atlanta can range from $1,500- $2,700 per month depending on location and amenities. Midtown and Buckhead, being the heart of the city, could run a bit higher, while options in the suburbs can be more budget-friendly.

Food Budget

For groceries, on a thrifty budget, you might spend around $200 to $300 a month. This can, of course, increase if you have a penchant for organic, specialty, or gourmet items.

When it comes to food, if you're not cooking at home and instead dining out or ordering in, expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $20 on an average meal. For a month, assuming you eat out a few times per week, you're looking at approximately $500 - $800/month on food.

Entertainment Budget

As for entertainment, it can vary widely based on your lifestyle and preferences. A movie ticket is around $15, while attending live performances or sporting events can range from $30 to over $100 per event. If you plan on participating in adult sports leagues, the cost varies from $50 to $100 per season, depending on the sport.

As for the bar scene - Atlanta is always hot. You’re looking at $10-$14 for a cocktail and $5-$7 for a beer on a night out. 

Atlanta Internet Speed

And what's a remote worker without good internet, right? Atlanta's got some of the fastest average internet speeds in the country. Free public WiFi spots are scattered throughout the city, and most cafes and co-working spaces boast impressive speeds to keep you connected.

Atlanta Public Transportation

Navigating the sprawling cityscape of Atlanta without a car? Absolutely feasible. Thanks to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), the city's comprehensive public transit system, the city is at your fingertips.

MARTA operates extensive bus and rail routes throughout Atlanta, making it easy to reach just about anywhere in the city. A single MARTA ride costs $2.50, and if you're planning to use the system frequently, a 30-day unlimited ride pass costs $95.

But don't forget the power of two wheels. With Atlanta's bike-share program, Relay, you can pedal your way across the city. With various payment plans from pay-as-you-go at $3.50 per 30 minutes, to monthly membership of $20 for 90 minutes daily ride time, there's a cost-effective option for everyone.

Additionally, Atlanta's layout is very walkable, particularly areas like Midtown, Downtown, and the BeltLine, a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails that links many neighborhoods together.


3. Nashville

Nashville Overview

Welcome to Nashville, aka "Music City". This city hums with rhythm and twang, and exudes a charm that's as warm as the glow of the neon lights. This is a city for those who live and breathe live music and a good drink out.

Best neighborhoods for remote workers

  1. East Nashville
  2. The Gulch

Nashville Coworking Spaces

As of June 2023, there are over 20 coworking spaces in and around Nashville.


Nashville Fun

Outdoor Activities

Nashville is a gateway to natural beauty, a smorgasbord of open skies, rugged mountains, and serene bodies of water.

Lace up your boots for the vast expanse of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a mere 3-hour drive away where you can hike, fish and enjoy an unforgettable mountain sunset drive. Closer to home, you have the Nashville Greenway, a collection of trails traversing the city, perfect for biking, running or a casual stroll.

And don't miss the Cumberland River, flowing right through the heart of the city. It's a haven for boaters, kayakers, and SUPers.

For the crag lovers, a can’t-miss is Foster Falls, less than two hours away. It's a climbing mecca, with over 170 different routes that cover all climbing levels.

City Life

Nashville vibrates with live music, with venues like the Ryman Auditorium, the original Grand Ole Opry House, hosting shows throughout the year.

It's not just country music, either. From the bluesy vibes at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar to the pop and rock at Mercy Lounge, the city's soundtrack is as diverse as it is immersive.

For art buffs, there's the Frist Art Museum with its rotating exhibitions of local, national, and international artists. Then there's the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, a true Nashville icon, a trove of music history.

Nashville Overall Remote Work Friendliness

Nashville is a burgeoning hotspot for the remote work community. Neighborhoods like East Nashville and The Gulch are packed with trendy cafes doubling as co-working spaces, creating a vibrant ecosystem of work and play.

The city also hosts various adult sports leagues, offering an effortless avenue to bond with locals and travelers alike.

Nashville Climate

Nashville has a temperate climate, boasting around 205 sunny days a year. For an optimal remote work experience, consider the late spring to early fall period, when the city glows in pleasant warmth, and where you get to see Nashville come out to play.


Nashville Cost Of Living

Total monthly budget estimate: $2200 - $3800/month

Housing Budget

As for housing, Nashville offers options from upscale apartments to more budget-friendly digs. You could spend between $1,300 and $2,500 on rent, depending on the neighborhood and the amenities. There are also coliving spaces like 'BentoLiving', offering a modern, community-oriented living experience for about $1,300 a month.

Food Budget

In the culinary department, Nashville can cater to both the budget eater and the gourmet foodie. Average meal prices range from $10 to $15 at a more casual dining spot, while high-end restaurants could go upwards of $40. For those who prefer to cook, expect to spend around $300 to $400 a month on groceries.

Entertainment Budget

For entertainment, you'll find concerts for around $25 to $50, and comedy shows for about $20. Nashville is a city that's always got something going on - so keep some room in your budget to explore.

And while you’re out enjoying Nashville’s art and music scene, you can expect to pay $10-$15 per cocktail and $5-$7 per beer. 

Nashville Internet Speed

Nashville boasts strong wifi availability, with an average speed of 130 Mbps - more than enough for your work or leisure needs. Many cafes, public spaces, and accommodations offer free and reliable wifi.

Nashville Public Transportation

Navigating Nashville is a breeze. The city's bus system, WeGo Public Transit, offers routes all over the city with fares like $4 for an all-day pass and $65/month for an unlimited pass.

If you prefer pedaling, Nashville also has a bikeshare program, BCycle, with daily, monthly, and annual memberships.


4. Asheville

Asheville Overview

If you're looking for a place where the natural beauty of the mountains meets a vibrant urban landscape filled with history and culture, Asheville is calling your name. It marries quaint Southern charm with a distinctive modern edge, and is easily one of the best US cities for remote workers.

Best neighborhoods for remote workers

  1. West Asheville
  2. Downtown

Asheville Coworking Spaces

As of June 2023, there are xyz coworking spaces in and around .

    Asheville Fun

    Outdoor Activities

    If you're an adventurous remote worker, then Asheville is nothing short of your playground. With the Blue Ridge Parkway just a short drive away you’ll enjoy stunning vistas, over 500 miles of trails, and a huge abundance of rock climbing opportunities.

    In the heart of the city, the Asheville Urban Trail offers a walking tour of the city's historical and cultural sights. For boating, Lake Lure is less than an hour away, known for its pristine waters and breathtaking mountain views.

    City Life

    Asheville's cultural landscape is a mix of Southern hospitality and artistry. You’ll get to explore the River Arts District, home to over 200 artists in studios spread out over 22 former industrial buildings.

    Music enthusiasts will love the live performances at the iconic Orange Peel, or just enjoy a summer evening at the outdoor Salvage Station. History buffs can spend hours exploring the grand Biltmore Estate, America’s largest home, while the Asheville Art Museum and the Black Mountain College Museum offer incredible insights into the local and national art scene.

    Asheville Overall Remote Work Friendliness

    Asheville's thriving remote work community is influenced by a plethora of coworking spaces like Mojo and Hatch, which is filled with forward-thinking professionals. The city's vibrant neighborhoods, particularly West Asheville, are known for their quaint coffee shops that serve as great spots for remote work.

    Asheville's social scene is equally welcoming, with adult sports leagues such as the Asheville Sport & Social Club providing a great platform to make friends and engage with the local community. 

    Asheville Climate

    Asheville has a relatively mild climate which is characterized by moderate summers and cool winters. The city has over 200 sunny days a year, making it a bright spot for those seeking an uplifting environment. Spring, specifically from April to June, is an optimal period to settle in Asheville, as the city blooms into a scenic wonderland against the backdrop of pleasant temperatures and great all around weather.


    Asheville Cost Of Living

    Total monthly budget estimate: $2200 - $3800

    Housing Budget

    The cost of living in Asheville is slightly higher than the national average, with median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment around $1,400 - $2000. There are several coliving spaces, such as Nomad Coliving, that offer flexible leases.

    Food Budget

    The cost of groceries in Asheville is on par with the national average, and you can expect to spend $300 - $400 per month. Dining out, on the other hand, offers a variety of price points, with the average meal at an inexpensive restaurant costing around $15. For a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant, expect to spend about $50.

    So - if you’re planning to treat yourself to a few meals out, along with a couple of the area’s craft beers every month, you can expect to spend ~$500 - $800/month on food.

    Entertainment Budget

    Asheville is teeming with entertainment options. The average price for a concert ticket can range from $20 to $50, depending on the venue and artist. Comedy shows, particularly at the well-loved LaZoom Room, average around $15.

    The craft beer scene has exploded in Asheville over the past 15 years, and today you can expect to pay anywhere from $4-$6 for a craft beer while you’re out and about.

    Asheville Internet Speed

    Asheville is well-equipped for the digital age, with city-wide WiFi and several providers offering high-speed internet, averaging around 100 Mbps. Coffee shops and coworking spaces provide reliable and fast internet, making it easy for workers to stay connected.

    Asheville Public Transportation

    Navigating Asheville without a car is manageable, thanks to its robust public bus transportation system, Asheville Redefines Transit (ART). An unlimited monthly pass costs just $20, so it's an incredibly affordable option..


    5. Denver


    Skyline of Denver, one of the best cities for digital nomads

    Denver Overview

    At the crossroads of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado is a city that offers the best of both worlds. With its high altitude but surprisingly mild climate, Denver brims with the youthful energy of a thriving urban scene, yet is just a stone's throw from an outdoor enthusiast's dream.

    If you’re looking to get outside and get after it every weekend - and maybe wash it back with a couple local beers - Denver is for you.

    Best neighborhoods for remote workers

    1. Washington Park
    2. Five Points 

    Denver Coworking Spaces

    As of June 2023, there are over 22 coworking spaces in and around Denver.

    Denver Fun

    Outdoor Activities

    Denver is a gateway to the Rockies, where outdoor activities abound. Just two hours away, the Rocky Mountain National Park offers year-round hiking, camping, and rock-climbing opportunities. But after a couple weeks there, you’ll find climbing, mountain biking and hiking hotspots all over the area.

    During winter months, popular ski resorts like Vail and Breckenridge are within a quick drive for snowboarding or skiing enthusiasts.

    Closer to home, the city boasts expansive parks like the City Park and Washington Park, perfect for jogging, biking, or simply soaking in the sun.

    City Life

    Denver's cultural scene rivals its landscapes. The city is home to impressive art collections at the Denver Art Museum and fascinating exhibits at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Live music echoes through the city, with the Red Rocks Amphitheatre offering a uniquely exhilarating concert experience, while the Grizzly Rose serves up country tunes in an intimate setting.

    Denver Overall Remote Work Friendliness

    Denver's booming tech industry has fostered a vibrant community of remote workers. Neighborhoods like RiNo (River North) and LoDo (Lower Downtown) are peppered with trendy coffee shops and bustling coworking spaces, ideal for remote work.

    The city's vibrant social scene is complemented by adult sports leagues, such as Play Mile High, that offer a variety of sports to stay active and meet locals.

    Denver Climate

    Despite its snowy reputation, Denver enjoys a dry, mild climate with more than 300 sunny days a year, more than Miami or San Diego. The spring season, particularly from April to June, offers the most pleasant temperatures for remote workers, with plenty of sunshine and minimal rain.

    Denver Cost Of Living

    Total monthly budget estimate: $2,700 - $4,200

    Housing Budget

    Denver's cost of living is higher than the national average, with median rent for a one-bedroom apartment at around $1,800 - $2700 per month. Coliving options like the Tribe Coliving offer flexible leases, providing an ideal solution for temporary stays.

    Food Budget

    A monthly grocery budget in Denver would typically range from $300 - $400. Dining out is a varied experience, with an average meal at an inexpensive restaurant costing around $15, and a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant setting you back about $50.

    So in total? Budget around $500 - $800 per month for food and drinks.

    Entertainment Budget

    The average price of a concert ticket varies based on the venue and the performer but expect to spend anywhere from $30 to $100. Comedy shows at spots like the Comedy Works range around $20.

    While Denver accommodations may be a bit pricier than others, you can still expect to pay a standard $10-$15 per cocktail and $5-$7 per beer.

    Denver Internet Speed

    Denver offers solid connectivity for work, with citywide WiFi and an average internet speed of around 80 Mbps, ensuring your remote work goes smoothly.

    Denver Public Transportation

    Denver's public transportation is managed by the Regional Transportation District (RTD), which includes buses and light rail services. An unlimited monthly pass costs around $114. The city is also bike-friendly, with numerous bike paths and lanes for an active commute.

    6. Austin

    Austin Overview

    Austin takes the Texas-sized tradition of embracing individuality, tosses it into a blender with a healthy dose of tech-savvy, a dash of live music, a heaping spoonful of BBQ, and produces a city that's equal parts innovative and rooted in tradition. What can I say? This town's got flavor.

    Best neighborhoods for remote workers

    1. South Congress (SoCo)
    2. Barton Creek
    3. Bouldin Creek
    4. North Austin

    Austin Coworking Spaces

    As of June 2023, there are over 19 coworking spaces in and around Austin.

    Austin Fun

    Outdoor Activities

    Only in Austin can you navigate limestone crags one day and kayak along the Colorado River the next. A mere 30-minute drive out of town brings you to the world-class rock climbing at Enchanted Rock. If hiking's more your style, you're in luck. The Hill Country around Austin offers endless trails through its rolling greenery and dramatic landscapes.

    Lake Travis, on the city's edge, offers an aquatic playground for boating, paddle boarding, and even sailing. Camp under the Texas stars at Pedernales Falls State Park, or try out mountain biking in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. And let's not forget the tranquil beauty of Zilker Park right in the heart of the city.

    City Life

    Austin hums with life once the sun dips below the horizon. Dive into the bustling nightlife on Sixth Street, a vibrant playground of bars and restaurants serving everything from world-class BBQ to artisanal vegan tacos.

    Soak in the city's music scene, unofficially titled the "Live Music Capital of the World", with venues like the Continental Club and Antone’s Nightclub, where the beats are as diverse as the people. Don't forget to catch a comedy show at the Cap City Comedy Club. The East Side is the place to explore for mural art and craft breweries, where the local brews are almost as popular as the city's beloved tacos. 

    Austin Overall Remote Work Friendliness

    Austin is a hotbed for remote workers. The tech-centric culture, peppered with a myriad of coffee shops and co-working spaces, makes it a magnet for the remote worker. The SoCo (South Congress) neighborhood is teeming with cafes boasting high-speed Wi-Fi and great coffee. If you're the sporty type, Austin's got adult leagues for everything from soccer to kickball, making it easy to find your tribe in this big Texas city. 

    Austin Climate

    Austin enjoys a sunny disposition with over 230 sunny days per year. Though summers can get hot, the spring and fall offer optimal temperatures. Consider setting up shop between March and May or September to November, where you can bask in the pleasant 70s and 80s.

    Austin Cost Of Living

    Total monthly budget estimate: $2400 - $5000/month

    Housing Budget

    Austin, like many booming cities, can be on the pricier side. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 for a one-bedroom to $3300 for a more spacious downtown apartment. There's also the option of co-living spaces like "The Guild" or "Outpost Club," with prices starting around $1,000 per month.

    Food Budget

    On average, a monthly food budget can range between $500-$800 depending on your dining preferences. With Austin's thriving food truck scene and budget-friendly Tex-Mex cuisine, eating out doesn't have to break the bank.

    Entertainment Budget

    The average concert ticket can run you about $50, with comedy shows usually less. With a bustling nightlife and endless outdoor activities, plan on spending anywhere from $200-$400 a month, depending on how adventurous you are.

    Local brews in Austin will run you anywhere from $5-$7, while cocktails will run you $8-$15.

    Austin Internet Speed

    Wi-Fi flows as freely as the beers in Austin, with average speeds of 65 Mbps. Cafes, co-working spaces, and even many public parks offer free, high-speed access.

    Austin Public Transportation

    Getting around Austin is a breeze, even without a car. The city's bus service, CapMetro, offers extensive coverage with an unlimited monthly pass at $41.25. There are also bikes and scooters for rent, or you could take a leisurely stroll on the city's extensive trail system.


    7. New York City

    New York City Overview

    New York City is a feeling, a vibe, a spirit. It's where cultures collide, dreams take flight, and every street corner hums with life. Skyscrapers paint the skyline, neon lights punctuate the night, and a feast of humanity pulses in its veins. It's a metropolis wrapped in an enigma, laced with a bit of magic. It's a concrete jungle, but with a rhythm you can't help but dance to.

    Best neighborhoods for remote workers

    1. Dumbo
    2. Bushwick
    3. Baywick 

    New York City Coworking Spaces

    As of June 2023, there are over 22 coworking spaces and shared office spaces in and around New York City. 

    New York City Fun

    Outdoor Activities

    Around the Big Apple, there's more than just buildings and traffic. Within a couple of hours, you can trade city streets for hiking trails. Upstate, the Catskills and Adirondack Mountains offer great hiking, camping, and even skiing opportunities. Rock climbers should check out the Shawangunks, while water enthusiasts can sail along the Hudson River or kayak in the Long Island Sound.

    City Life

    Now, this is where the magic happens. NYC is a paradise of endless exploration. Wander through the streets of Chinatown, soak in the artsy vibes of SoHo, or immerse yourself in the multicultural melting pot of Queens.

    The culinary scene is nothing short of a global tour. Savor a slice of authentic New York pizza or dive into a bowl of ramen in the East Village. Head to Smorgasburg for a weekly food truck bonanza. For nightlife, Williamsburg in Brooklyn is the spot. Enjoy a drink at one of the rooftop bars and follow it with a live concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

    New York City Overall Remote Work Friendliness

    New York City is a playground for remote workers. With a plethora of co-working spaces like WeWork or The Yard, and cafes with free Wi-Fi at every corner, this city is built for the remote worker.

    Neighborhoods like Dumbo, Bushwick and Baywick are hotspots with trendy cafes and beautiful views. There are plenty of adult sports leagues for soccer, basketball, or even kickball. Joining is a breeze, offering an instant community in this massive metropolis.

    New York City Climate

    New York City has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. If you're looking for a milder, more comfortable climate, aim for the fall or spring. The city has about 224 sunny days per year. For the full NYC experience, try timing your stay during the vibrant fall foliage or the blooming springtime.

    New York City Cost Of Living

    Total monthly budget estimate: $3,800 - $5,900

    Housing Budget

    Living in New York City isn't cheap. Based on location, one-bedroom apartments range from $2,800 - $4,300 . For a cheaper option, consider co-living spaces such as Common or Outpost Club.

    Food Budget

    Food can range from $500 to 1000 per month, depending on whether you cook or eat out. With a plethora of dining options, from food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants, the food scene caters to all budgets.

    Entertainment Budget

    The average cost of concerts is around $50 with comedy shows averaging $20. Depending on your entertainment preferences, you could spend anywhere between $200 to $500 a month.

    Meanwhile, a cocktail out will run you from $12 - $20, while a craft beer will run you $7 - $10. 

    New York City Internet Speed

    Fast and plentiful, Wi-Fi is readily available across the city. With an average speed of about 70 Mbps, you'll have no issues connecting to your remote job or streaming your favorite show.

    New York City Public Transportation

    Public transportation is the lifeline of NYC. With the MTA subway system, you can get anywhere in the city 24/7. A monthly MetroCard costs $127 and allows unlimited rides. Additionally, there are plentiful bike rentals, and walking is often the best way to explore the city's nooks and crannies.


    8. New Orleans

    New Orleans Overview

    New Orleans, oh where to begin? This city is jazz and jambalaya, it's beignets and balconies. This city is soul. It’s the indomitable spirit that emerges stronger after every storm. It's music that ebbs and flows with the Mississippi. It's a place where the past isn't gone - it isn't even past. It’s the ghosts of legends and the birthplace of icons. But mostly, it’s a feeling, a rhythm, a pulse – the heartbeat of the deep South.

    Best neighborhoods for remote workers

    1. Marigny
    2. Bywater
    3. Mid-City
    4. Garden District

    New Orleans Coworking Spaces

    As of June 2023, there are more than 17 coworking spaces in and around New Orleans.

    New Orleans Fun

    Outdoor Activities

    Step outside the city limits, and you're greeted with a diverse palette of natural attractions.

    The swampy landscapes of the Bayou offer so many canoeing, fishing, kayaking and SUPing. If hiking is more your speed, the Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area and Clark Creek Natural Area offer gorgeous trails.

    For a peaceful day out, head to the City Park - a green oasis larger than New York's Central Park!

    City Life

    Now, let's talk about the soul of New Orleans. Yes, the French Quarter and Bourbon Street are popular with tourists. But you’ll find the locals living life out on Frenchmen Street, home to some of the best local live music, drinks and food in the city.

    Some of the best spots? The Spotted Cat, Preservation Hall, Tipitina's - all offering sounds that echo through the streets and into your soul.

    And then - there’s the legendary food scene. Little tip for you - I had one of the best meals of my life - legitimately top 5 - in one of the diviest bars I’ve ever been to in New Orleans. It’s called Coop’s Place - and I got the Coop’s Taste Plate.

    There are so many places like this in and around New Orleans - and you’ll have a great time uncovering them. 

    New Orleans Overall Remote Work Friendliness

    New Orleans has a growing remote work community, especially in areas like the Bywater and the Garden District. Co-working spaces like Propeller or The Shop at CAC offer modern, well-equipped spaces for remote work. The city has a strong sense of community, and it's easy to get involved in local sport leagues and social events. 

    New Orleans Climate

    New Orleans has a subtropical climate, making it warm year-round. However, it's worth noting that summers can be humid. The city sees about 216 sunny days per year. Autumn might be the optimal time to stay here, as it offers a break from the summer heat and humidity.

    New Orleans Cost Of Living

    Total monthly budget estimate: $1,600 - $3,500

    Housing Budget

    For housing, monthly costs can range from $900 to $1,800 depending on the neighborhood and the size of the place.

    Food Budget

    With a cost of living lower than the national average, a monthly food budget in New Orleans can run from $400 to $800 depending on your dining preferences.

    Entertainment Budget

    Live music is affordable in New Orleans, with many concerts and gigs in the $15-$30 range. As for the bar scene, expect to pay $8 to $12 for a cocktail and around $6 for a craft beer.

    New Orleans Internet Speed

    Internet speeds in New Orleans average around 50 Mbps, and Wi-Fi is readily available in many public spaces, cafes, and restaurants across the city.

    New Orleans Public Transportation

    Getting around New Orleans is pretty easy. The iconic streetcars not only add to the city's charm but are also a practical mode of transportation, costing $3 for a day pass. The New Orleans RTA costs $45/month for an unlimited bus pass, and the city has a growing network of bike lanes if you’re more into 2 wheels.


    9. Salt Lake City

    Salt Lake City Overview

    Salt Lake City is a vibrant, dynamic metropolis teeming with culinary surprises, cultural vitality, and an enviable cache of outdoor attractions. Known for its religious history and snowy peaks, Salt Lake City's charm extends beyond the immediate boundaries of the metropolitan area and into the surrounding wilderness, transforming this Utah city into a remote worker's dream destination.

    Best neighborhoods for remote workers

    1. Sugar House
    2. Capitol Hill
    3. Ballpark


      Salt Lake City Coworking Spaces

      As of June 2023, there are over 20 coworking spaces in and around Salt Lake City.

      Salt Lake City Fun

      Outdoor Activities

      From the wind-sculpted canyons of Moab to the granite spires of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the rock climbing scene here is world-class. And hikers won't feel left out either. Trails like Mount Olympus and the Bonneville Shoreline trail offer diverse scenery and satisfying ascents.

      Meanwhile, come winter time, some of the world’s best powder is found at nearby ski resorts like Park City and Snowbird. And come springtime as the snow melts, these trails turn into mountain biking paradises.

      City Life

      From the craft cocktails at Bar X to the modern Mexican cuisine at Alamexo, this city punches above its weight class. Its burgeoning culinary scene is a food lover's dream, and there's a thriving craft beer culture that defies Utah's reputation for strict liquor laws.

      The Depot and Urban Lounge are just a few of the city’s venues you can catch an eclectic mix of music acts. For a belly laugh, check out Wiseguys Comedy Club which draws top-tier comedians from around the country. 

      Salt Lake City Overall Remote Work Friendliness

      Salt Lake City is a growing hotspot for the remote workforce. The city's Avenues, Sugar House, and Downtown neighborhoods are filled with cozy cafes, bustling coworking spaces like Kiln, and numerous eateries offering free WiFi.

      A vibrant local culture fosters a strong sense of community. Whether it's joining a sports league or participating in regular meetups, making new friends is easy here. 

      Salt Lake City Climate

      Enjoying an enviable 222 sunny days annually, Salt Lake City offers four distinct seasons. For an optimal stay, consider the mild spring months of April to June. You'll miss the winter chill and avoid the scorching summer heat

      Salt Lake City Cost Of Living

      Total monthly budget estimate: $2,000 - $3,600 

      Housing Budget

      Expect to spend between $1,200 and $2000 per month for a decent one-bedroom apartment. For a more communal experience, coliving options like Outsite and Roam offer both private rooms and shared spaces.

      Food Budget

      Eating in this city doesn't have to break the bank. Anticipate around $300-$400 per month for groceries and for dining out, set aside about $200-$300 monthly, depending on your taste for craft beers and gourmet dishes.

      Entertainment Budget

      Concert tickets average around $40, and a comedy show might set you back $15-$25. Expect to pay about $10 for a craft cocktail out and $5-$7 for a local brew.

      Salt Lake City Internet Speed

      Salt Lake City boasts excellent internet connectivity, with average speeds of 70 Mbps. Whether you're settling into a café or coworking space, dependable WiFi is almost always a given.

      Salt Lake City Public Transportation

      With a well-connected light rail system (TRAX), a network of buses, and bike lanes aplenty, getting around the city without a car is straightforward. For unlimited travel, a monthly transit pass will set you back about $85.


      10. San Diego


      The outdoors near San Diego, one of America's best cities for remote workers

      San Diego Overview

      This sun-drenched southern California gem is an absolute playground for those who don't believe in a nine-to-five routine and see the world as their office. The city boasts of a vibrant, diverse culture that seamlessly blends the laid-back beach vibe with urban sophistication.

      A vast spectrum of culinary delights await, from gourmet food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants, and the city’s microbreweries are legendary. All this, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

      Best neighborhoods for remote workers

      1. East Village
      2. Liberty Station 

      San Diego Coworking Spaces

      As of June 2023, there are 20 coworking spaces in and around San Diego.

      San Diego Fun

      Outdoor Activities

      San Diego is a haven for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. It's hard to resist the call of the wild when you're surrounded by glorious hiking trails like Torrey Pines State Reserve and the coastal cliffs of Cabrillo National Monument. You can also get your adrenaline fix rock climbing at Mission Trails Regional Park, or enjoy a day of boating on the serene San Diego Bay.

      Winter sports fan? Big Bear, just three hours away, is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. And for those looking to get off the beaten track, there’s unforgettable camping and mountain biking in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, just a short road trip away.

      City Life

      This city isn’t all about surf and sand. San Diego's vibrant nightlife and rich cultural scene offers everything from intimate live music venues, innovative performances at the La Jolla Playhouse, to world-class comedy at the American Comedy Co.

      Neighborhoods like North Park and Little Italy are hotspots for hip bars, restaurants, and local art. For a piece of history, visit Balboa Park – it’s a giant sprawl of gardens, museums, and the iconic San Diego Zoo. 

      San Diego Overall Remote Work Friendliness

      San Diego isn’t just a pretty face. It’s a city that embraces the work hard, play hard lifestyle. Areas like East Village and Liberty Station are burgeoning with chic cafes and dynamic co-working spaces.

      With a strong remote work community, opportunities to network and collaborate are abundant. Want to unwind after a day’s work? Join one of the many adult sports leagues – a great way to keep fit and meet like-minded locals. 

      San Diego Climate

      The climate? Nearly flawless. With over 260 sunny days per year, there's hardly a bad time to be in San Diego. But if you're looking for the sweet spot, aim for April through June when the temperatures are delightfully warm, and the tourist crowds are yet to peak.

      San Diego Cost Of Living

      Total monthly budget estimate: $3,300 - $5,100

      Housing Budget

      For a furnished apartment in the city, budget between $2,000 - $3,800 per month. For those seeking a community feel and maybe a cheaper alternative to SD’s steep rental prices, popular co-living options like Outsite and Common offer fully furnished rooms and vibrant community events.

      Food Budget

      A food budget of $600-$800 per month should cover everything from groceries to dining out at the city's varied culinary spots.

      Entertainment Budget

      Expect to pay around $20 for concert tickets, around $15 for comedy shows, $10-$15 for a cocktail, and about $7 for a craft beer. 

      San Diego Internet Speed

      San Diego boasts high-speed internet, with average speeds around 150 Mbps. Wi-Fi is widely available in cafes, coworking spaces, and even some public areas. 

      San Diego Public Transportation

      Navigating the city is easy, even without a car. The Metropolitan Transit System, including buses and light rail, is efficient and comprehensive. Most remote workers can expect to spend around $72.


      So after this piece - maybe you've found your spot, but there are still plenty of pieces to put together before you pull the trigger on working remotely full time. If you're looking for tips on how to get started, check out our guide to working remotely here - travel well!


      And if you want to travel better, check out our 2-in-1 laptop case that doubles as a stand.