30+ Websites For Remote-Friendly Short Term Rentals

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30+ Short Term Rental Websites For Remote Workers

Short-term apartment rented by remote worker

The Complete List: 30+ Short Term Rental Sites For Remote Workers

  1. Agoda (+ Agoda Apartments)
  2. AirBnb
  3. Booking.com
  4. Blueground
  5. Sonder
  6. Vacasa
  7. One Fine Stay
  8. The Plum Guide
  9. Homestay.com
  10. 9flats.com
  11. Flatio
  12. Nomad Stays
  13. Coliving.com
  14. Housestay
  15. Spotahome
  16. Selina
  17. Anyplace
  18. Outsite
  19. Behere
  20. Cohabs
  21. Hostelworld
  22. Nomad Temporary Housing
  23. Flipkey
  24. VRBO
  25. Trusted Housesitters
  26. MindMyHouse
  27. Remotebase
  28. Wifi Tribe
  29. Facebook Marketplace
  30. Local Facebook Groups
  31. Tripping
  32. Hometogo
  33. Local Realtor


If you're new to remote work, check out our guide to remote working. But one crucial thing to keep in mind; there's remote workers who work from their homes, and there are location-independent workers who travel the world. You'll hear the term "remote worker" thrown around for them.

If you fall into the latter category, finding remote-friendly short-term rentals is actually more of a lift than you'd think. Because you don't want to overpay for a hotel, but you also don't want to be stuck in a bungalow with cockroaches and some blinding bare white lightlbulb hanging over your bed as your only source of light (speaking from experience here lads).

A lot of times remote workers think AirBnb is their only option to find nomad-friendly accommodations when they're travel. And while it’s definitely a short term rental option – and a good one at that – it’s by no means your only option.

Here are 30+ websites where you'll find short term rental housing that's remote-friendly, in no particular order. Each option also has a "why you would use it" section, which breaks down in what situation using this service would make sense for you.


1. Agoda (+ Agoda Apartments)

logo for agoda, a short term stays platform for remote workers

Quick Overview Of Agoda & Agoda Apartments For Remote workers

 What is Agoda?
  • Agoda is an OTA (online travel agency) where travelers can book short-term and medium-term stays on.
  • Just like it’s sister company Booking.com, Agoda has millions of hotels, hostels, resorts, apartments and homestays for short stays.
  • We’re most excited about Agoda Apartments for medium-term remote work friendly housing.

Why we like Agoda

  • Cashback rewards program with most bookings
  • Price-match guarantee
  • Great cancellation policy
When should remote workers use Agoda & Agoda Apartments?
  •  Agoda & Agoda Apartments is great for remote workers looking for short-term or medium-term stays.
    • Agoda Apartments is a direct competitor to AirBnb where you can find apartments that are often less expensive than AirBnb.
    • Just like AirBnb, these properties are listed as short-term rentals too, so the key is to to book early.

2. AirBnb

AirBnb Logo

    Quick Overview Of AirBnB For Remote workers

     What is AirBnb?
    • AirBnb is the gold-standard short term rental website for remote workers that connects travelers to hosts
    • AirBnb gives travelers the ability to stay in a private room or the entire property
    Why we like AirBnb
    • AirBnb has very unique stays.
    • One of the most reliable services for good wifi
    • It's the gold-standard for remote workers
    When should remote workers use AirBnb?  
    • If they're ok paying higher prices for enhanced stay protection
    • If they need to communicate with their hosts throughout their stay

    3. Booking.com 

    The logo for booking.com, which has a website for short-term housing for remote workers 


    Quick Overview Of Booking.com For Remote workers

     What is Booking.com?
    • Booking.com is an OTA where travelers can book short and medium-stay accommodations at hotels, hostels, resorts, apartments and homestays.

    Why we like Booking.com

    • Huge selection of properties
    • Huge number of filters and map search option
    • Rewards program with perks like early check-in and free breakfast
    • Good cancellation policy

    When should remote workers use Booking.com?


    • If they want to treat themselves to an all-inclusive resort
    • If they're seeking accommodations before getting settled in longer term
    • If they're looking for a rewards program for their short-term stays


    4. Blueground 

    Logo for Blueground, a good site for remote worker short-term rentals

    Quick Overview Of Blueground For Remote workers

     What is Blueground?
    • Blueground owns and manages rental apartments around the world
    • Blueground focuses on urban areas with locations several DN hotspot countries;
      • North America (USA)
      • Europe (Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, England, Luxembourg, France, Austria)
      • Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore)
      • Middle East (Dubai)

    Why we like Blueground

    • 24/7 support available for renters
    • Properties are professionally cleaned
    • Complimentary Youtube TV
    • Premium furnishings and appliances

    When should remote workers use Blueground?


    • When they a professionally managed property
    • When they're ok paying extra for a turnkey remote work experience in an urban hotspot with premium appliances & furnishings
    • When they want an easy option to buying renter’s insurance


    5. Sonder

    Logo for Sonder, a site for medium-term turnkey apartment rentals.

    Quick Overview Of Sonder For Remote workers

     What is Sonder?
    • Sonder owns and operates medium to long-term apartment rentals that are licensed as hotels
    • Sonder is in various DN hotspots like;
    • North America
      • USA
      • Mexico
      • Canada
    • Europe
      • England
      • The Netherlands
      • Spain
      • Ireland
      • Scotland
      • Italy
      • France
    • Middle East
      • Dubai

    Why we like Sonder

    • Premium furnishings and appliances
    • Access to Sonder-only lounges and building-exclusive elevators (where available)
    • Come with toiletries, tea, coffee, fresh towels, kitchen essentials

    When should remote workers use Sonder?


    • If they're willing to pay more for a turnkey stay that features the amenities of a high-quality apartment and the security of a hotel.
    • When they want professionally cleaned apartment units


    6. Vacasa 

    Logo for Vacasa Quick Overview Of Vacasa For Remote workers

     What is Vacasa?
    • Vacasa acts as a short term rental site and property management company for rentals primarily located in the USA, with properties in Canada, Belize, Costa Rica and Mexico as well.
    • Vacasa handles the booking process, customer service and all professional cleanings to ensure properties meet a high level of cleanliness.
    • Most of Vacasa’s properties lean toward the “cabin” or “beach house” vibe scale.

    Why we like Vacasa

    • Vacasa only rents out entire properties, so you won’t end up with any room sharing
    • Vacasa’s team offers 24/7 customer support
    • Great 3D home tours for properties

    When should remote workers use Vacasa?

    • When they want a place to themselves in a popular vacation spot, like a beach or cabin
    • When they want professionally cleaned accommodations


    7. One Fine Stay


    Quick Overview Of One Fine Stay For Remote workers

     What is One Fine Stay?
    • Onefinestay is a platform that connects homeowners to short and medium-term renters, just like AirBnb
    • BUT – Onefinestay focuses on luxury accommodations
    • Onefinestay has homes and villas listed on their platform from;
    • Europe
      • England
      • Paris
      • Italy
      • Greece
      • Spain
    • North & Central America
      • USA
      • Mexico
      • Costa Rica
      • Belize
    • The Caribbean
    • Asia
      • Indonesia
      • Thailand

    Why we like One Fine Stay

    • All properties are professionally cleaned & maintained
    • All properties are vetted by One Fine Stay to ensure they meet quality & luxury standards
    • One Fine Stay is owned by Accor, which means they run One Fine Stay much like a hotel would be run in terms of efficiency, check-in, cleaning, etc

    When should remote workers use One Fine Stay?

    • When they're ok shelling out for a luxury stay in the world’s most beautiful locations
    • When they a high level of certainty the properties they rent are luxury and have premium amenities


    8. The Plum Guide

    Logo of The Plum Guide


    Quick Overview Of The Plum Guide For Remote workers

    What is The Plum Guide?
    • The Plum Guide is a short term housing platform that connects short term renters with vetted, high-quality homes and apartments.
    • All listings on The Plum Guide must pass a 150-point inspection in order to be listed on the platform.
    • The Plum Guide has listings all over the world, from Milan to Mexico City.

    Why we like The Plum Guide

    • All properties are vetted by professional “home testers”, so you know you’re getting a very high-quality home
    • They have a “home truths” section, where property owners tell you what isn’t great about the property, like traffic or, if you’re in the countryside, animals waking up early.
    • The Plum Guide charges hosts high fees for cancellation, so you’re less likely to get a, “hey sorry I forgot I’m hosting my circus friends tomorrow so I’m actually canceling your stay that you’ve had booked for 4 months”.

    When should remote workers use The Plum Guide?

    • When they want a middle ground between AirBnb and One Fine Stay. You’re paying a little extra than AirBnb for very high-quality accommodations that may or may not be luxury, but are guaranteed to be high quality.
    • When they want a higher level of service than AirBnb’s customer service


    9. Homestay.com

    Homestay.com logo

    Quick Overview Of Homestay.com For Remote workers

    What is Homestay.com?
    • Homestay.com is an online platform that connects travelers with private rooms in homes throughout the world.

    Why we like Homestay.com

    • You get the actual, “live like a local” experience
    • Your host can give you their personal recommendations
    • The “private room” aspect means you can affordably stay in more expensive metropolitan areas

    When should remote workers use Homestay.com?

    • When they don’t want to shell out to stay in fantastic locations
    • They they're traveling solo
    • When they want a more intimate experience, both with the local people and the culture
    • When they don't mind the “private room in a home” aspect of Homestay.com


    10. 9flats.com

    9flats.com logo, a good AirBnb alternative for short-term rentals

    Quick Overview Of 9flats.com For Remote workers

    What is 9flats?
    • 9flats is similar to AirBnb; it’s a short term rental platform that connects travelers to homes and apartments.
    • 9flats is trying to dethrone AirBnb on the European continent and be the “AirBnb of Europe”.

    Why we like 9flats

    • Every property on 9flats is a private stay – no shared rooms

    When should remote workers use 9flats?

    • When they want to be certain they’ve got the entire place to themselves
    • They they're staying in Europe
    • When they want to search for accommodations that may not be listed on AirBnb



    11. Flatio

    Logo of Flatio, a short term rental website for monthly apartment rentals

    Quick Overview Of Flatio For Remote workers

    What is Flatio?
    • Flatio is an platform that connects short-term or medium-term renters with a whole apartment or private room
    • Very similar to AirBnb’s model, but caters more to medium-term housing.

    Why we like Flatio

    • No security deposits
    • Flatio offers VR tours of select accommodations, so you get to really see where you’ll be living
    • Utilities are built into the cost of most rentals

    When should remote workers use Flatio?

    • When they need to find medium-term housing
    • When they want to easily filter properties to find one with the amenities they’re looking for
    • When they want to know exactly how much they’ll spend on housing (utilities included)


    12. Nomad Stays

    Logo for Nomad Stays, a site that specializes in remote worker accommodations.


    Quick Overview Of Nomad Stays For Remote workers

    What is Nomad Stays?
    • Nomad Stays is an online platform built to help remote workers find quality accommodations suitable for remote work throughout the world.
    • Stays typically range from one week to 3 months.
    • Nomad Stays has locations in 70 different countries, many of which are beautiful, unique, and off the popular remote worker radar (i.e. Bulgaria).

    Why we like Nomad Stays

    • Nomad Stays usually have a coworking space located within walking distance.
    • Instant booking confirmation
    • Accommodation descriptions will mention if there are supermarkets and cafes within walking distance.
    • Most Nomad Stays are located in lively areas, great for solo nomads.
    • You have the option of selecting a coliving space or an entire apartment.

    When should remote workers use Nomad Stays?

    • When they're traveling solo and want to be certain they’ll stay in a great area
    • When they want to be certain of rock-solid wifi
    • When they want to know what types of shops and cafes are within walking distance
    • When they want the personal touch of a host’s recommendations
    • When they want to get the feel of a place for at least a week


    13. Coliving.com

    Logo for coliving.com, a coliving rental platform for remote workers.

    Quick Overview Of Coliving.com For Remote workers

    What is Coliving.com?
    • Coliving is an online platform that connects remote workers with private or shared rooms in large, shared homes in prime locations that have solid wifi and amenities.
    • Coliving is in over 300 cities and 60 countries around the world.

    Why we like Coliving.com

    • Most locations offer discounts for longer stays
    • Every location has an on-site host to help with anything that may arise
    • You’re given the option of shared or private rooms (and bathrooms)
    • You’re guaranteed solid wifi
    • It’s a great opportunity to meet people while traveling

    When should remote workers use Coliving.com?

    • When they want to meet other remote workers and travelers
    • When they want to be certain the amenities and wifi are solid
    • If they're ok sharing common spaces with other travelers
    • When they want a sense of community while they travel
    • When they want to live in a prime location while traveling


    14. Housestay

    Housestay.com logo

    Quick Overview Of Housestay For Remote workers

    What is Housestay?
    • Housestay is an online platform that connects remote workers and traveling professionals with fully furnished, turnkey homes and apartments for 30+ days.
    • Tenants must undergo background checks much like a traditional lease, so it’s a good idea to get this done before you go abroad.

    Why we like Housestay

    • All accommodations are entire apartments or homes.
    • All accommodations are vetted to ensure they’re high quality.
    • Bill pay, lease signing and background checks can all be completed on Housestay’s platform.

    When should remote workers use Housestay?

    • When they want the entire place to themselves
    • When they want to be assured their accommodations are quality and as pictured
    • If they're looking for 30+ day stays


    15. Spotahome


    Spotahome logo


      Quick Overview Of Spotahome For Remote workers

      What is Spotahome?
      • Spotahome is an online platform that connects remote workers and travelers with shared and entire apartments located mostly in Europe
      • Instead of “hosts”, Spotahome connects renters with a more traditional landlord-style rental experience

      Why we like Spotahome

      • Every property features a full digital walkthrough
      • Every property video is verified by Spotahome
      • Landlords respond to your booking request within 24 hours

      When should remote workers use Spotahome?

      • When they're looking for an apartment instead of a house
      • When they're open to either entire places or private rooms (Spotahome has both)
      • If they're looking to spend more than 1 month in a location
      • If they want the ability to contact a landlord if they need to


      16. Selina



      Quick Overview Of Selina For Remote workers

      What is Selina?
      • Selina is a chain of upscale hostels located throughout the world that offer dorm and private rooms, with great wifi connection

      Why we like Selina

      • You know you’re getting high quality accommodations no matter where in the world you are
      • In areas with spotty wifi, Selina is always the bright spot with solid wifi connections
      • Selina hosts nightly events and is an incredible place for socializing and making friends
      • Price for shared rooms, for the quality you get, is usually very good
      • Many Selinas also double as coworking spaces, which have blazing fast internet

      When should remote workers use Selina?

      • Want a more social scene
      • Want the hostel “party” scene
      • Are looking for a reliable internet connection
      • Like the familiarity of consistent quality
      • Want to stay in a prime location


      17. Anyplace

      Logo for Anyplace

      Quick Overview Of Anyplace For Remote workers

      What is Anyplace?
      • Anyplace is an online platform designed to connect remote workers with vetted, furnished apartments for 30+ day rentals in the following cities;
        • New York
        • Los Angeles
        • San Francisco
        • San Diego

      Why we like Anyplace

      • Every apartment is equipped with a dedicated workspace
      • Every dedicated workspace has an adjustable standing desk, ergonomic chair, large monitor, wireless mouse and even a collapsable green screen.
      • Every apartment has lightning-fast wifi
      • Apartments have very modern amenities, and are usually located in buildings with gyms, common areas, etc.

      When should remote workers use Anyplace?

      • If they're ok shelling out for a turnkey, remote-first living and work setup
      • If they want a premium living situation
      • If they're planning to stay in one of the above 4 cities for 30+ days


      18. Outsite


      Logo for Outsite.co


      Quick Overview Of Outsite For Remote workers

      What is Outsite?
      • Outsite is a membership program with coliving spaces around the world
      • Members must apply to be accepted
      • Outsite’s average member age is 36
      • Outsite is on 5 continents (no Australia or Antarctica yet)
      • Membership is $149/year or $399/lifetime

      Why we like Outsite

      • Dedicated community managers in each location
      • Membership gives you access to their Member Hub, which is a great way to network
      • The application process makes Outsite a great way to make friends with like minded travelers

      When should remote workers use Outsite?

      • When they want to stay in a prime spot
      • When they want an easy way to meet like minded remote workers while traveling
      • If they don't mind sharing common spaces like living rooms and the kitchen
      • When they want to a guaranteed high speed internet connection


      19. Behere

      Logo for behere, a site where remote workers can book accommodations, gym and coworking spaces all in one.


      Quick Overview Of Behere For Remote workers

      What is Behere?
      • Behere is a short to medium-term rental platform that helps remote workers book their accommodation, coworking space and gyms all in one.

      Why we like Behere

      • Behere’s lets you pick your accommodations, coworking space and gym “a la carte” style, so you know exactly how much you’re paying
      • Behere has on-location support teams to help you with any issues you may face in-country
      • Frequent Behere users can purchase an annual pass for $990, which allows you to waive processing, platform, cleaning & city host fees (pays for itself in 2 – 3 month-long stays).
      • All of Behere’s accommodations are vetted for location, quality and wifi

      When should remote workers use Behere?

      • When they want a more supported in-country experience
      • If they're gym junkies and want a done-for-you accommodations, coworking and gym experience
      • When they want to live in a prime location


      20. Cohabs

      Logo of Cohabs, a platform for furnished spaces for 6+ month leases.

        Quick Overview Of Cohabs For Remote workers

        What is Cohabs?
        • Cohabs rents furnished, private rooms in fantastic shared houses for 6 month – 3 year leases in 4 prime cities;
          • New York (Brooklyn & Manhattan)
          • Madrid (Tetuan & Chamberi)
          • Brussels (Multiple districts)
          • Paris (Multiple districts
        • While Cohabs doesn’t specifically cater to remote workers, it’s crowd is early 20’s – mid 30’s, most of whom are working.

        Why we like Cohabs

        • Cohabs includes a top-notch group breakfast once a month
        • All Cohabs properties feature strong high speed wifi that you can use to work from home
        • Cohabs also has a mobile app to create meetups, track rent payment and more
        • Once-a-week professional cleaning services are included
        • Basic supplies are delivered once a month
        • Cohabs also hosts monthly events to foster further community building
        • Many Cohabs houses feature great amenities like a movie room or gym
        • Cohabs features an application process, so you’re more likely to get higher quality roommates

        When should remote workers use Cohabs?

        • If they're seeking coliving with a strong emphasis on community
        • When they want to travel slower and stay in one of Cohab’s cities for 6+ months
        • If they're ok with sharing common spaces like a kitchen and living room


        21. Hostelworld



        Quick Overview Of Hostelworld For Remote workers

        What is Hostelworld?
        • Hostelworld is an OTA that specializes in private and shared rooms in hostels and some hotels throughout the world
        • Hostelworld is much more focused on short-term rentals than medium or long-term rentals.

        Why we like Hostelworld

        • Hostelworld allows you to easily filter selections to find private rooms or dorms
        • Hostels worldwide are great places to meet people and socialize
        • Hostelworld’s app has a notice board, which is essentially a, “hey I’m in the area and am free to hang out this Saturday” (for God’s sake don’t use this feature like it’s just another version of Tinder please)
        • Many accommodations offer flexible cancellation policies in return for paying slightly more

        When should remote workers use Hostelworld?

        • When they want to get their social fix and maybe party a bit
        • If they're ok going to coffee shops or coworking spaces to work (trusting hostel wifi for a client video call is really rolling the dice)
        • If they're ok sharing spaces like kitchens


        22. Nomad Temporary Housing

        Logo for Nomad Temporary Housing, a platform that connects remote workers to temporary accommodations

        Quick Overview Of Nomad Temporary Housing For Remote workers

        What is Nomad Temporary Housing?
        • Nomad Temporary Housing is a short term rental site online platform that partners with over 3,000 temporary apartment providers around the world to connect travelers and remote workers with temporary housing
        • Important note: Nomad Housing is unable to provide apartment pricing or availability up front, you’ll need to request this. While it’s still worth browsing to get an idea of true local pricing, it’s best to start using this service a few months before you actually start traveling.

        Why we like Nomad Temporary Housing

        • Very large selection of apartments from around the world
        • All apartments are professionally managed
        • Price point is generally better than platforms like AirBnb

        When should remote workers use Nomad Temporary Housing?

        • When they plan to be in a specific location for an extended time
        • If they want an apartment that is a professionally managed rental


        23. Flipkey

        Logo for FlipKey, a vacation rental platform

        Quick Overview Of Flipkey For Remote workers

        What is Flipkey?
        • Flipkey is an online platform that allows owners to list their short to medium-term rentals.
        • Flipkey is owned by Tripadvisor and is essntially their answer to platforms like AirBnb and VRBO

        Why we like Flipkey

        • They have rental properties in prime areas
        • They offer instant booking confirmation

        When should remote workers use Flipkey?

        • When they want another option to search for short-term properties that may not be listed on major platforms
        • If they want instant booking confirmation


        24. VRBO

        VRBO short term housing website platform

          Quick Overview Of VRBO For Remote workers

          What is VRBO?
          • VRBO is an online platform where property owners list their properties as short to medium-term rentals.
          • While there are definitely apartments listed on the platform, VRBO typically shines in the “beach house” and “cabin” categories.

          Why we like VRBO

          • All VRBO properties are “the entire place”, which means you won’t have private rooms in shared spaces.
          • We like how clearly VRBO displays the total price of the accommodations (and how you’re not hit with that surprise $300 cleaning fee for your two night stay).

          When should remote workers use VRBO?

          • When they want the entire place to themselves
          • If they're traveling to a more popular vacation hotspot, like a beach or mountain town


          25. Trusted Housesitters

          Alt text for Trusted Housesitters, a platform for housesitters

            Quick Overview Of Trusted Housesitters For Remote workers

            What is Trusted Housesitters?
            • Trusted Housesitters connects people who need house or pet sitting services with potential house and/or pet sitters.
            • Many properties will ask housesitters to care for their pets as well
            • All housesitters must be vetted and pay an annual fee starting at $129/year
            • Housesitters must apply, and competition can be stiff, but it’s worth a try

            Why we like Trusted Housesitters

            • It allows remote workers to stay for free
            • It gives remote workers the true, “live like a local” experience
            • It provides remote workers with an actual home, with actual furniture (no “it’s minimalist [aka cheaply made with as little material as possible]” nonsense)

            When should remote workers use Trusted Housesitters?

            • It allows remote workers to stay for free
            • It gives remote workers the true, “live like a local” experience
            • It provides remote workers with an actual home, with actual furniture (no “it’s minimalist [aka cheaply made with as little material as possible]” nonsense)


            26. MindMyHouse

            Logo for MindMyHouse, a housesitter platform

              Quick Overview Of MindMyHouse For Remote workers

              What is Trusted MindMyHouse?
              • MindMyHouse connects people who need house or pet sitting services with potential house and/or pet sitters around the world
              • House sitters must apply to stay
              • House sitters pay an annual fee of $29

              Why we like Trusted MindMyHouse

              • It’s the least expensive, reputable house sitting option on the web
              • Due to this low cost, MindMyHouse is a very community and reputation-oriented platform

              When should remote workers use Trusted MindMyHouse?

              • If they have flexible travel plans
              • They' enjoy caring for a wide variety of animals
              • They're looking for a quiet, remote area (many places listed on MindMyHouse are in quiet little towns)


              27. Remotebase

              RemoteBase newsletter logo

                Quick Overview Of RemoteBase For Remote workers

                What is RemoteBase?
                • Remotebase is a monthly newsletter that finds scorching deals on AirBnbs around the world that are discounted 30%+
                • They also offer a premium newsletter at $68/year where you can set your location and budget preferences, and they’ll send you every single deal they find (it’s basically the premium version of Dollar Flight Club for AirBnbs).

                Why we like RemoteBase

                • It’s totally free to sign up and use
                • The deals they send you are a couple months in advance (ie they’ll send you June deals in March) so you have time to plan
                • Newsletters are well written and they feature giveaways

                When should remote workers use RemoteBase?

                • If they're location-flexible
                • If they have other travel buddies to call up who are down to adventure (these AirBnbs are sometimes 1-bedroom, and sometimes multiple)
                • If they like using AirBnb


                28. Wifi Tribe

                Logo for Wifi Tribe, a coliving travel community

                Quick Overview Of Wifi Tribe For Remote workers

                What is Wifi Tribe?
                • Wifi Tribe offers trips 4 – 8 week trips, called “chapters”, for remote workers to work and travel as a community.
                • Annual membership to Wifi Tribe is $500, and each chapter runs from $1,200 – $2,800, with the option to save money by sharing a room (chapter costs don’t include meals or flights).
                • All Wifi Tribe members must submit an application to join.
                • Wifi Tribe organizes plenty of activities for members outside of work hours

                Why we like Wifi Tribe

                • Wifi Tribe is much more “work-focused” than similar groups like Remote Year.
                • The application process ensures you’re placed with other like-minded remote workers.
                • The product, from accommodations to wifi, is reliably high quality.

                When should remote workers use Wifi Tribe?

                • If they want a social, coliving, work-focused travel experience
                • If they're ok living in shared spaces
                • When they want a semi done-for-you experience (area and accommodations sorted).


                29. Facebook Marketplace

                Logo for Facebook Marketplace where travelers can find monthly accommodations

                Quick Overview Of Facebook Marketplace For Remote workers

                What is Facebook Marketplace?
                • Facebook Marketplace is where people post short accommodations along with medium and long-term accommodations as well. Options are both furnished and unfurnished.
                • BEWARE – Facebook Marketplace has the best deals you’ll find, and is also rife with scams. While I have used it many times, I would never send any money without first seeing the place, meeting the owner and connecting to the wifi and testing the internet speed first.

                Why we like Facebook Marketplace

                • Facebook Marketplace properties are usually posted by owner, so you avoid the middleman.
                • You can easily filter by budget and location (bring your patience with you when you use the map search feature).

                When should remote workers use Facebook Marketplace?

                • If they still have a Facebook account.
                • If they how to spot the difference between a good deal and a scam.
                • If they have local language skills (this isn’t required, but it’ll help you get a better deal).
                • If they're ok without that added layer of scam protection from a third-party like AirBnb.
                • If they're ok rolling the dice on internet connection (but again, if you check this upon first visiting, there should be no surprises).


                30. Local Facebook Groups 

                Quick Overview Of Local Facebook Groups For Remote workers

                What are local Facebook groups?
                • Many remote work hotspots have local Facebook groups where locals and remote workers talk about things, including posting available rooms/apartments.
                • Posts generally include whole places and private rooms, and are usually (but not always) for longer than 1 month.

                Why we like local Facebook groups

                • The communities can generally sniff out whether a post is legit or a scam
                • You can find great deals

                When should remote workers use local Facebook groups?

                • If they're ok seeking out deals through word of mouth


                31. Tripping

                 Logo for tripping.com, a meta search engine for short term accommodations


                Quick Overview Of Tripping For Remote workers

                What is Tripping?
                • Tripping is a metasearch aggregator for listing platforms
                • Tripping.com includes rentals from sites like;
                  • HomeToGo
                  • VRBO
                  • Booking.com
                  • Expedia
                  • Agoda

                Why we like Tripping

                • Tripping is one of the few aggregators that includes all OTAs and host rental platforms
                • Great filter system to find exactly what you’re looking for
                • Easily searchable maps

                When should remote workers use Tripping?

                • If they aren't wed to using a specific platform to book their stays
                • If they're looking for the best deals


                32. HomeToGo

                Logo or Home To Go, an aggregator for remote worker accommodations

                Quick Overview Of HomeToGo For Remote workers

                What is HomeToGo?
                • HomeToGo is a metasearch aggregator for listing platforms
                • HomeToGo includes rentals from sites like;
                  • VRBO
                  • Booking.com
                  • Expedia
                  • Agoda

                Why we like HomeToGo

                • Their UI is almost a mirror image of AirBnb, making it very easy to navigate
                • Easy-to-search maps
                • Easy-to-use filter system to find exactly what you’re looking for

                When should remote workers use HomeToGo?

                • If they like the look and feel of AirBnb’s UI
                • If they aren't wed to using a specific platform to book their stays
                • When they're looking for great deals


                33. Local Realtor 

                Quick Overview Of HomeToGo For Remote workers

                What are local realtors?

                For many places in the world, 1 – 3 month leases aren’t uncommon, and there are plenty of local real estate agents who have connections to help you find what you’re looking for.

                Now this is not the case in all markets, but for many small and mid-size remote work hotspots, there are local realtors that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

                Why we like local realtors

                • Local real estate agents know the area – they know the vibe of a city better than any guide you may read online. If you tell them the vibe you’re looking for, they’ll be able to tell you what area of the city to check out, and which apartment.
                • Local real estate agents may be able to help you bridge the local language gap in renting
                • They’re still less expensive than platform fees
                • There are still plenty of landlords in the world that are old school and refuse to list their properties on rental platforms. Local real estate agents can connect you to these places.

                When should remote workers use local realtors?

                • If they know what kind of area they want to live in
                • If they don't have local language skills
                • If they want to find the best deals
                • If they want to offload the work of finding a place to a professional
                • If they're planning to stay in an area for a while
                • If they're ok organizing things like wifi and utilities themselves.



                Got your place? Great. Make sure you prepare to go location independent, and that you grab a solid credit card for international travel as well.


                And if you want to work better while you travel, check out our 2-in-1 laptop case that doubles as a stand.



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